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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Journal  
01:14pm 07/08/2011
A Few Villagers Short of an Angry Mob

I really hate going through my journal and deleting posts; it's a bit like erasing a chunk of my life. Then again, there are parts of my life that I'd really like to forget, and the past three years are a pretty good example of that. Plus, I've come to the realization that an online journal is best kept as a place to deposit brain dumps, rather than a place to go into excruciating detail about my personal life (or lack thereof). I actually thought about creating a NEW journal on another site, with the purpose of tossing the contents of my brain into the unfeeling void that is the Internet, but starting a new journal every time I decide to keep a journal doesn't seem very efficient.

So here I am again.

mood: blankblank
music: Woods - Rain On
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